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Greg Lynch, Founder and President of Pivotal PFIS Financial has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1999. His background includes experience in social security planning, insurance, asset preservation, income and retirement planning. He is passionate about his career and strives for the highest level of integrity and client satisfaction.

Greg is a recipient of national awards including National Gold Eagle Member and the Masters Forum Club. His success can be attributed to his ability to educate his clients, assist them in clarifying their financial goals, implementing a plan of action and providing consistent, ongoing client services. He is committed to helping his clients navigate today’s often challenging financial environments.

Greg’s objective is for each client to have a plan and course of action that brings them financial confidence and peace of mind. He believes in an extensive discovery process to establish goals, prioritize concerns and provide an individualized financial plan for each client. His planning techniques have assisted his clients in maximizing yield with no market risk, reducing taxes, protecting assets from long term care costs and avoiding probate. […]

If you knew you had guaranteed income for life as part of your overall retirement plan,

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